• First European IMAC Championship
  • From August 25th to 30th, 2020.
  • Airfield open for practice since August 15th.
  • Four simultaneous flight lines, plus one dedicated to FreeStyle.
  • Up to 160 pilots expected from 24 IMAC Europe Countries.
  • Competition open also to non European pilots.
  • Classes flown:  Sportsman, Intermediate, Advanced, Unlimited, Free-Style.​

  • Latest IMAC Regulation will be applied.

  • International IMAC qualified Jury.

  • All airplanes will be hangared and will not have to be disassembled during the whole competition.

  • Camping will be available at camping sites near the airfield.

The Ali-Caorle airfield is the home of several real scale aerobatic Airplanes and events.
Address: Strada Tezzon, 30021, Caorle (VE)
Coordinates: 45°36'43,0"N 12°48'52,6"E​​
From August 15th to August 25th
Airfiled open for practice flying
Tuesday August 25th 
Pilots Registrations, Judges Briefing, Opening Cerimony 
- 09:00 Welcoming Desk Open
- 15:00 Judges Briefing
- 17:00 Pilots Briefing 
- 18:00 Opening Cerimony
Wednesday August 26st 
07:00 to 19:00
2 Known Flights - 1 Unknown Flight  
Thursday August 27th
07:00 to 19:00
2 Known Flights - 1 Unknown Flight  
Friday August 28th
Saturday August 29th
07:00 - 19:30
1 Unknown Flight, 1 Free Style Flight
Sunday August 30th
07:00 - 18:00
2 Unknown Flights, 1 Final Free Style Flight
Traditional Culinary Dinner Party at the field
Awards Celebrations
Hangars and Airfield aerial view.  
the ariplanes will be stored assembled in the hangars and tends for the whole duration of the competition.