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  • These are special large Open International events dedicated only to Free Style

  • IMAC Free Style rules will be aplied

  • International IMAC Jury

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APRIL 26th - 28th 

IDO Segev was one of IMAC Israel's founders. A family man, a partner, a friend, an Aviator!


Since he was a young child his passion for aviation was very obvious. After winning a major freestyle contest in Israel back in 2005 his flights sequences became a legend.


In 2007 he was first competing in an international contest, The American XFC where he won the 5th place. In 2009 he competed in the USA XFC winging 3rd and the Czech EXFC winning 2nd place. Eventually in 2011 he won the 1st place in the Czech EXFC. 


By that time, he went to Australia to have his flight permit and became a flight instructor and a full-scale aerobatic pilot. Once in a while he participated in big RC events in Japan, China and more.

He then got an Australian citizenship and started his new life in Australia with his fiancé Brie.

On February the 19th 2020 our beloved Ido died in a tragic plane accident in Australia.

This event is a brainchild idea to commemorate Ido's legacy throughout the world as one of the best RC freestyle pilots in the world of scale aerobatic, and to tell his wonderful story for generations to come as a true aviator, friend and beloved son and brother. 

Ido survived his father Zvika, his mother Ilana, his brother Yonatan and sister Inbal.

Blue Skies Ido, Forever our wingman!

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