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A Boot Camp is a training program organised to develop the competence of IMAC Pilots and Judges, who should share the same base of knowledge regarding semi-scale model aerobatic competitions.

These courses are implemented almost in every Country within the European Region.  If you would like to organize one at your airfield, you should get in contact with your National Coordinator and find the way to make it happen.

Significant support is provided by the management of IMAC Europe to ensure the implementation of Boot Camps anywhere within the Regional territory.



At the end of a Boot Camp, each participant will be able to:

1. Prepare the airplane for precision flights;

2. Program the radio to facilitate the implementation all             maneuvres;

3. Undertand the structure of aerobatic sequences and read     the Aresti symbology;

4. Understand the criteria to evaluate each IMAC maneuvre;

5. Judge each maneuvre of an IMAC sequence;

6. Organize a personal flight improvement training program.

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