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Each precision class will fly 5 Known and 3 Unknowns schedules of which, the worst Known and the worst Unknown results will be dropped.  Therefore, for each pilot, the valid flights to be considered for ranking will be 4 Knows and 2 Unknowns.   Raw scores will be normalized to 1,000 points for each valid flight.  Therefore, a pilot capable to win all the flights of his class would cumulate 4,000 points from known flights and 1,000 points from Unknown flights.  The relative weight of Unknown flights versus Known is stated by the IMAC world regulations. All normalized scores achieved by each pilot in all kept flights will be summed, determining the final raw score that will then be normalized to determine the final normalized ranking for each flight class.


The Free Style competition is structured on a Qualification Flight, open to a maximum of 40 pilots and a Finals Flight open to a maximum of 15 pilots.  The first 15 pilots ranking in the Qualification flight will be eligible to participate to the Finals the next day.  Only the score achieved in the Finals flight will be utilized to determine the final Free Style ranking order.


Celebrated and Rewarded Final Rankings


During the Celebration Ceremony each pilot who reached one of the top three positions of the following rankings will be publicly rewarded.  All others will receive a participation medal.


1. Senior Precision Ranking


For each precision class a final ranking will be formulated including all participating senior and junior Pilots.  Junior Pilots who will have been capable to reach one of the first three positions of this ranking will be rewarded as Senior Ranking winners.


2. Junior Precision Ranking


For each precision class a final ranking will be formulated including only junior Pilots.


3. Open Precision Ranking


For each precision class, the Senior Ranking will be opened to include any senior or junior pilot participating from any other Country not belonging to the IMAC Europe Region, originating the Open Precision Ranking.


4. Free Style Ranking


This ranking will include all Free Style participating pilots, without distinction of age or Nationality.


5. National Teams Ranking


A reward will be delivered to the first three National Teams.


This ranking will be calculated by summing, per Country, all the normalized scores achieved by the pilots who reached the top three positions of the Senior Precision Ranking in the different flight classes.  To this number, the system will add the normalized scores, per Country, of the pilots who reached the first three positions in Free Style.


The sum of these scores per Country will originate the National Teams Ranking.

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