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Invited Pilots

Due to the availability of only three precision runways, participation will be limited to a maximum of 120 pilots.


The IMAC European Championship is dedicated to all IMAC pilots operating within the 25 Countries assigned to the IMAC Europe Region; highlighted below. However, participation is open also to all pilots from any other IMAC World Region, provided the availability of registration slots.

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The organization pursues the goal of reaching the full potential level of participation to this memorable event, which takes place every four years.


Our IMAC competitions are just one of the activities belonging to our International semi-scale aerobatics school. Therefore, we believe it is of paramount importance to provide the opportunity, to the greatest number of IMAC pilots, to live through this motivating flying and social experience.


Therefore, in line with our aerobatics school values, pilots will be able to register into the competition assuming one the following four status levels:  1. National Senior Team Member; 2. National Junior Team Member; 3. Additional National Team Member; 4. Guest Pilot from other IMAC World Regions.


All Pilots flying a precision class will be eligible to register in order to participate to the Free Style competition.  However, due to time constraints, only up to 40 pilots will be registered in the Free Style Qualification flight.  For the same reason, only 15 pilots will be eligible to participate to the Free Style Final flight.


The four status registration options can be described as follows:


Official National Senior Team Member


We invite each Country, operating within the IMAC Europe Region, to send a National Team that can be composed of up to 3 Senior Pilots per precision class:  Sportsman, Intermediate, Advanced, Unlimited.  For a total of 12 Senior Pilots.


Official National Junior Team Member


Each Country will be able to send a Junior Team, composed of up to 2 pilots per precision class, for a total of 8 Junior Pilots. A pilot of less then 18 years of age is considered to be a Junior Pilot.


Additional National Team Member


In addition, each Country will be able to propose a list of National Pilots who would like to participate to this event, without being part of the selected Official Senior or Junior National Teams.  


In case the total number of pilots belonging to the Senior and Junior Teams will be less then 120, then additional pilots from this list will be accepted, applying the Slot Allocation Process described later.


Guest Pilots from Other IMAC World Regions


This cluster is made of Pilots belonging to any other IMAC World Region willing to participate to this event.


If, after accepting registrations from all the first three status cohorts, the total number of pilots will still be less then 120, then the Slot Allocation Process will be open to accept Pilots from this last cluster.

Slot Allocation Process

Allocation of Precision Slots – Up to 120 Pilots


By February 2023 each IMAC Europe Country Director will have to submit the Country Participation Form described at the end of this document, highlighting the names of each pilot belonging to the first three status clusters:  1. National Senior Team Members; 2. National Junior Team Members; 3. Additional National Pilots willing to participate.


Based on this information, the organizer will fill all the available slots per flight class, also determining which flight classes will share the same runway.


In case of overbooking, produced in some classes by the number of Senior and Junior official pilots, the organizer will propose a fair solution to the IMAC Country Managers’ community in order to remain within the fixed boundaries, while ensuring equal National participation levels.


Otherwise, in case slots will continue to be available in some or all classes, Pilots belonging to the Additional National Team cluster will be accepted, ensuring an equal opportunity number per Country.


As final step, if slots will continue to be available, registrations will be open to the Guest Pilots cluster, inviting pilots from any other IMAC Region of the World, who will be able to register on a personal basis.


Allocation of Free Style Slots – Up to 40


In case the number Free Style pilots submitted through the Country Registration Forms will exceed the number of 40, the organizer will apply the criteria of equal Country participation level, proposing to the IMAC Country Managers community a solution that will ensure equal National participation to the Free Style competition.

The Slot Allocation Process will take place during the month of March 2023.

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