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IMAC Europe strongly recommends the adoption of Electronic Scoring when managing IMAC competitions.
The implementation of this process, using Noutamatics as the scoring tool in the hands of each Judge, enables to  achieve the following practice and organisational advantages:
1. Stimulate the Judges to subtract scores in 0,5 points increments;
2. Never loose sight of the airplane;
3. Acquire a printed and modifiable version of the electronic scores;
4. Eliminate the necessity to use scribes;
5. Remember to the Judge the name of each maneuver through earphones;
6. Eliminate the necessity to transfer manual data into the scoring system;
7. Enable Pilots to view their scores on their mobile phones at the end of each flight.
8. Publish all final scores on the central IMAC web site transferring files in Score.4.30 format.
We believe that this innovation takes our competition practice into the next level of the future.  Therefore, it should not be missed, even if its initial introduction may require some work from the organizers.
IMAC Europe is providing each IMAC Country organisation with the software and the support required to implement the IMAC Electronic Scoring System.  Below, you will be able to download all necessary explanations regarding the hardware requirements and the available software applications.
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