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Each Country Team is free to register within any preferred hospitality infrastructure in the Leszno area.  However, as described within Bulletin 2, IMAC and the Leszno Airport management made special arrangements with a number of convenient Hospitality infrastructures close to the airfield, which will provide special rates to all IMAC Pilots and their families.


Initially, we planned to make reservations through the Airport Management, but we have now realized that direct reservations from each Country Team will be the best and most effective process.


You will be able to contact directly the proposed hospitality options at the addresses below and made direct arrangements.  All these structures have been completely reserved to IMAC for the whole duration of the event and they have many rooms.  However, reservation priority will be given to the Teams that will reserve first.  When all available rooms will be occupied, the reservation process will stop.  No overbooking will be made.


The Hospitality options offering agreed prices to all IMAC pilots are the following, please email or contact them to directly close your reservations:


Hotel Ach To Tu

Phone:            +48 65 526 99 40


Address:        Balonowa 26, 64-100 Leszno, Poland


Hotel Akwawit

Phone:           +48 65 300 28 60


Address:        Świętego Józefa 5, 64-100 Leszno, Poland


Leszno Airfield Apartments (at the Airfield)

Phone:           +48 577 215 344

Contact:         Mateusz Weber


Address:        N51°50'07.0" E16°31'21.6"

Leszno Airfield Campsite (at the Airfield)

Rate and reservations on-line at:

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