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In order to accept all the pilots registered through the received Preliminary Country Forms we needed a fourth flight line. 


The Leszno Airport Management has given us the possibility to activate a fourth runway, every morning, from 7am to 10am.  It will be the Precision Line-1 shown in the picture below.  This change enables us to accept all the pilots who registered through the preliminary Country Forms and, in addition, we will also be able to accept late registration from pilots who will make up their mind at the last minute.  The limit for each Class is 40 Pilots, but we are far from reaching it.


We will now fly every day, but with reduced pressure.  This reduced pressure will allow for bad weather adjustments.


As you will see from the Flights’ Plan below, all classes except Intermediate will enjoy a Rest Day, but in different days.


We consider this Flights’ Plan quite enjoyable and not particularly pressurized, except for the first and second day.  On Saturday and Sunday we will fly only one Precision flight in order to enable Pilots to relax and prepare for the FreeStyle competition.


The exact take off time for each flight will be specified in a later Bulletin.


As planned, each Precision Class will fly 5 Knowns and 3 Unknowns through the competition.

Competition Structure
Competitions Structure.png
Classes Allocation to Flight Lines
Flights Plan.png
Precision Flight Lines Layout
Precisione Layout.png

The distances between the lines ensures a very high level of safety.  The Advanced and Unlimited Classes, performing large rolling circles, will fly only on Line 3 and 4.  While Sportsman and Intermediate will occupy Line 1 and 2.


The Pilots of each Class will never change location during the same day.  Therefore, they will be able to arrange cars and equipment at the parking area reserved for the line and stay they there for the entire day, if needed.


Line 1 will be used for the early morning flights.  Operations will have to stop at 10am, in order to clear the main Airport Runway 1.  However, we will have all the time to move our cars and equipment after the early flight, as they will be on the taxy way and will not represent a problem to traffic control.

The FreeStyle Flights’ Plan remains unchanged.  Qualifications will take place on Saturday afternoon, while the Finals will be performed on Sunday afternoon and be coordinated within a broader air-show event involving also local public.  FreeStye will take place on its dedicated runway, located in front of visitors.

FreeStyle Line Layout
FreeStyle Layout.png
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