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Within March 2023, the list of all accepted pilots, generated implementing the Slot Allocation Process, will be sent to each of the IMAC Europe Country Directors.They will communicate the acceptance status to each of their Country pilots, team manager and mechanics.


Each accepted pilot, team manager and mechanic will have two weeks to complete his registration by submitting his participation fee to the Country Director, who will transfer the total Nation Team fees amount to the IMAC Europe account.


If the payment will not be received on time, the Organizer and the Country Director will make the slot available to the next potentially participating pilot.

Additional non-flying Country Team Members

Each Country may appoint a National Team Manager as well as Assistants and Mechanics.  They will all be considered as part of the National Team and provided badged access to all activities within the internal operational perimeter of the airfield.

Registration Fees

- Competing Pilot:                           300 euro

- National Team Manager:            200 euro

- Assistant Mechanic                      150 euro


At check-in, all registered individuals will receive a Badge, which will provide the following benefits and services:


  1. Access to the Airfield, hangars and runways, from August 14th to August 27th;

  2. Access to gas and oil shop at IMAC Hangar Station;

  3. Access to free electricity at the IMAC Hangar Station;

  4. A memorial hat.


Supporter Badges, dedicated to any other member of the IMAC family, providing access to all airport internal facilities for the whole length of the event, will be made available at reception desk at the cost of 50 euro.

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